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kyu daypack | on Kickstarter

日常に馴染むシンプルで美しいカメラバッグ。ミニマルなデザインと革新的なカメラ収納でカメラを持ち出すことをより身近にします。 今すぐ支援する

“kyu daypack” is a camera bag designed for carrying a camera on a daily basis.

The simple exterior and innovative camera storage make it easier to take your camera with you.

I don't have the camera bag I want... 

I don't have a fashionable camera bag that I can use everyday…

The development of this camera bag initiated with this simple subject.

Conventional camera bags are difficult to use on a daily basis because of the hard surface material used to protect the camera and the partitions for storing the camera.

Protecting your precious camera is necessary.

However, for those who want to use their camera casually, we believe that protection is also an obstacle to daily life.

We have developed a camera bag that fits in everyday life, and makes it easier to take the camera to carry out.

Conventional camera bags are multifunctional but complex for everyday use.

We felt that the modern camera users need a minimalistic design.

Thanks to the simple design, you can use the bag at any scenes in your life.

 “kyu daypack” is made of a soft nylon fabric (water repellent) that fits well in everyday use and does not look like conventional camera bags.

 Side access for quick shooting. Take out the camera on the fly.

The zipper is made of YKK VISLON® zipper for smooth opening and closing. It is possible to take out a camera, water bottle, or other items while holding the bag.

 And, for a better side access experience, the shoulder strap length can be adjusted in one action.

One of the main features of "kyu daypack" is the camera compartment.Conventional thick dividers are good for protecting the camera, but inconvenient for daily use.

Therefore, an elastic cushioning material is used for the camera compartment.This provides both minimal camera protection and everyday usability. 

The camera sleeve is made of three layers of approximately 0.88mm elastic material for extra thickness.(Total: 2.64mm)

The lining of the surface fabric is equipped with a cushioning material that softens the impact from the outside. It has a structure that protects the camera both inside and outside..

When the camera is not in use, "kyu daypack" can be used as a regular backpack as it sits flat on the backside.

It also has a kangaroo pocket-like structure that keeps the camera off the ground and prevents it from being impacted, thus protecting your precious camera from shocks when you put the backpack down.

Camera sizes suitable for storage are shown in the figure above.

The storage space is divided into four main areas.

  1. main space
  2. outside pocket
  3. PC Sleeve
  4. Inside pocket

I didn't divide the storage space into small pieces, and dared to drop it into a simple shape.

The maximum capacity of the main space is 18 liters, suitable for carrying large items such as plastic bottles or pouches.

It can be used for commuting to work, school, or a short trip.

The top pocket has a large capacity and space for easy access.

As shown in the image above, a wallet, notepad, smartphone, earphones, etc. can fit securely. 

In addition, a laptop computer, a necessity for creators, can be stored up to 15 inches.

The internal pocket can be easily accessed from the side and is convenient for keys, lens caps, or other small items that you need to get to quickly.

model case


⚫︎Media Director / Cameraman


 About Experience (Only in Japan)(日本限定リワードについて) 

tokyo walk | sponsored by kyu

First 9 applicants

For Japanese contributors only, we have prepared a reward package that includes the "tokyo walk" organized by kyu.

You will walk through the streets in Tokyo, and record experiences you have with your camera. The "tokyo walk" is an event where you will have such experiences with the kyu members.

Any format of recording (photos or videos) is welcomed.

No matter your experience level, we welcome anyone who likes cameras! So why not take this opportunity to participate in this limited event?

Event Details

  • Location:Tokyo
  • Meeting place:TBD
  • Date:Saturday January 28th, 2023
  • Number of Participants:First 9 contributors(+kyu team)


  • This reward is only for those who support us from Japan.
  • We will meet up and dismiss at the point.
  • We will not cover any expenses including transportation, food, etc.
  • We will contact participants later with further details (time, location)
  • In case of inclement weather, the date may be changed to Saturday, February 4. We ask for your understanding.
  • The event may be postponed depending on the status of the spread of the new coronavirus infection and bag delivery.

About us(kyu) 

“kyu” is a Japanese brand that has a vision of “Making Humanity’s Remembrance Majestic” and develops gadgets for creators.

We have developed accessories for cameras to maximize the ability of creators as of 2022.

For more information, please visit kyu's official website.

daypack | manufacturing 

We asked HAKUBA PHOTO INDUSTRY CO., LTD, a Japanese company that produces and sells camera accessories, for producing “kyu daypack.”

the daypack | brand owner(ブランドオーナからのメッセージ) 

Yusuke Okawa | YouTuber,Video creator

We have spent over a year with 10+ prototypes to develop this “kyu daypack.” As this experience suggests, we are sure that we will launch a 100% satisfied product.

We made this project successful thanks to a lot of support by many stakeholders.

This camera backpack assists you to carry out your camera in your everyday life. For those who film Vlog, record precious time with your family, or anyone who likes cameras and wants to use them daily, we would like to recommend using this camera bag. Our journey has just begun, and we will continuously make efforts to support camera users to record precious memory.

Time line


We will continuously make efforts to support camera users to record precious memory. We made efforts in getting involved in every process of this backpack from designing to production and shipping.Thanks to that effort, we can monitor the quality of products and make them ready to produce as soon as the project begins. Please note that we will possibly change the design of “kyu daypack” partially for the purpose of making it better. We will notify any changes that will be made through the update section. Japan is well known as the place to have earthquakes frequently which are unexpectable. Also, the production may possibly delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and any other viruses in Indonesia where we have a manufacturing plant. As a result of those unexpected troubles, the shipping will be delayed. We sincerely apologize any inconvenience and ask for your understanding.



kyu daypack | on Kickstarter

日常に馴染むシンプルで美しいカメラバッグ。ミニマルなデザインと革新的なカメラ収納でカメラを持ち出すことをより身近にします。 Support us now!